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Employmentanyone can work

Everyone has talents. While you are a teenager, is a great time to explore your talents, interests, and abilities. Then think about what kind of job might be good for you.

Anyone can work - even if you have a disability.

Did you know?99.9% of people's first jobs are not their DREAM JOB!

Exploring WorkThings to Do

Explore Work

There are lots of things you can do as a teen to explore what kind of jobs you may be interested in doing as an adult.

Explore Work Training

Try New Things

Not sure what you are good at? Get involved in new activities at school, home, or in your community to find out!

Get Involved


Try lots of jobs. This will help you find out more about what you like and what you don't!

Who Do You Know?

Find Out More

Find a job you like? Find out more about what's it's really like to do that job!

Find a Mentor

Before StartingThings to Ask

What Am I Good At?

What do I like to do? What jobs sound interesting to me? Don’t know? Then try some of these self-assessments to find out how your interests and skills can be used in a job. Dream big and have high expectations!

Self-Assessment Tools:

Learn more about what you like to do and how your interests can help you get the job you want in the future.

What Do I Need to Do to Get the Job I Want?

Are there supports and services to help me get the training I need for the job I want? Are companies hiring for this job? What does it pay?

Career Planning:

Once you have an idea of about what types of jobs or careers may be a good fit for your abilities and talents, it’s time to find out more about a job you are interested in.

Dream Big! Don’t settle for just any job. Dream big! Learn about different careers. Start by asking yourself what are you interested in? What are you good at doing? Then look into how your interests and skills can lead to potential jobs or careers. Learn what it takes to get the job you want!