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You can work with disability benefits. Download these guides about work incentives to help people with disability benefits explore their work potential.

  • Student Earned Income Exclusion (pdf) – Allows eligible students to maximize their earnings while they work.
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  • Impairment Related Work Expenses (pdf) – Get reimbursed for items and services related to your disability that help you do your job.
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  • Deeming (pdf) – Process for determining which assets and income count for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
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  • Social Security Section 301 (pdf) – Continue to get disability benefits even if Social Security determines you do not have a disability any longer during a medical review or Age 18 Redetermination.
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  • 1619b (pdf) – A work incentive that allows your Medicaid coverage to continue even when your work earnings increase
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  • Authorized Representative (pdf) – How to choose someone else to assist with business you have with Social Security.
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  • Work Reporting(pdf) – If you, your spouse, or child have SSI, report your work every month to Social Security!
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  • BadgerCare Plus (pdf) – A Wisconsin Medicaid Program that provides health insurance to low-income adults and families.
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Health Activites

Try these activities to create a plan just for you to help you with your health goals.

Health Guides

Download these short guides with tips and resources about living healthy.

  • Healthy Eating Activity – How can you improve your health by changing what you eat? Get your custom plan!
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  • Activity: My Plan to Manage Stress – No matter how old we are, we all deal with stress. Learn what works for you – get your custom plan to be less stressed!
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Relaxation Technique Cards

  • Using Music to Relax
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  • Deep Breathing
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