Here are some video story examples of teens with disabilities working in their communities, planning for how to achieve their future goals, and considering the possibilities.

Stories from Wisconsin Promise

Wisconsin Promise was a project for 2000 participating Wisconsin families with 14 to 16 year old teens who receive Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI). The goal was to support teens receiving SSI and their families in achieving their education and career goals.

Meet Daviantae

Daviantae was a junior in high school. Now he’s a junior in college, studying the fine arts.

The Clemens-Clarks

After being told they couldn’t, the Clemens-Clarks are putting their hearts into proving they can.

The Boston-Baileys

Cortez Boston-Baileys is working, bought his own car, and has plans for college. His family coming along for the ride.

Meet Matthew

You could call him the strong, silent type. Matthew is a teen who is pumped about getting stronger.

Meet Craig

Craig is a high school senior from Milwaukee. He has big dreams to start his own business someday.

Meet Reyna

Reyna’s resilient and knows how to advocate for herself. She is facing her struggles with childhood trauma to achieve her goals.

Meet Xavi

She’s like most teenagers… she hangs with her cats and dances with her friends. She’s managing her health challenges and achieving her work goals.

Meet Cody

Cody was born with a brain tumor, but that’s not stopping him. His goal is to be a welder after college. Find out how he’s doing it.

Meet Robert

He wanted to work at a car wash and so he did. He is growing, learning, and setting new goals.

Let’s Get to Work Stories

The Wisconsin Let’s Get to Work project was a grant focused on improving community employment outcomes for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities in transition.

Love’s Employment Story

David’s Employment Story

Cullen’s Employment Story

Brandon’s Employment Story

Alexis’ Employment Story

James’ Employment Story

More Stories

Sean’s Story

Meet Sean and find out about his customized employment experience at Barnes and Noble. Learn how customized employment benefits both the business and to the individual with a disability.