Age 16 to 18 – Family Action Steps


Age 16 to 18

Family Action Steps

Tips for helping 16 to 18-year-olds  grow and learn!

You may be asking yourself, “Will my child be able to get a job after high school?” The answer to that lies mostly with… you. The most important factor in the child getting a job after high school is your support!

Young adults with disabilities whose parents support them to work after high school are more than five times more likely to have a job within two years after finishing high school.

Children will aim for the expectations you have. Aim high with encouragement and support!

Get Started

Things to Do

As the child completes the last few years of high school, your support and guidance are so important.  Here are a few things you can do to help them to succeed in school or at work as an adult:

Be Involved


Plan for the future


Try new things

  • Explore ways to get around in your community.
  • Encourage safe and responsible use of social media.


Connect with your community

Talk with your school to help the child be more included in the classroom and with peers. It’s the child’s right under IDEA!

Get more information on how to prepare the child for success:

Your expectations make a difference! The child is more likely to succeed in high school and have a meaningful job after high school if you expect and support them to engage in school and their community.