Section 301

Section 301: My Benefits

Section 301my benefits

Social Security offers many work incentives to you on your path to employment. Section 301 is one work incentive you should know about. The full name is Section 301 Payments to Individuals Participating in a Vocational Rehabilitation or Similar program.

About Section 301

Under Section 301, you can continue to get disability benefits even if Social Security determines you do not have a disability any longer during a medical review or Age 18 Redetermination.

Social Security Medical Reviews

If you receive a disability-related benefit from Social Security, you will have a medical review. During a Medical Review, Social Security looks at your medical history and information. Social Security will stop your eligibility for benefits if they determine you have medically improved.

Age 18 Redetermination

Social Security also reviews everyone at age 18 to see if they have a disability that meets the adult definition.

Even if Social Security decides you don’t have a disability anymore, you may be able to continue receiving benefit payments with Section 301.

To be eligibile for 301

You must have an approved employment plan to get continued payments.
The plan must do 3 things:

  1. The goal is to be employed at a level that you will not be eligible for future cash benefits.
  2. Prove you are engaged and active with your employment plan in order to meet your goal.
  3. The plan must have started before your medical review was initiated.

Common vocational programs for 301 include:

  • DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Ticket to Work
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if age 18 - 21
  • PASS (Plan to Achieve Self Support)

What do I need to do?

One of the most important things people can do to make the process work is to communicate with Social Security. Filling out the necessary paperwork in a timely manner supports the smoothest and quickest process.

Complete and return the forms you get

  • SSA 3368 - Disability Report for Adults for Age 18 Reviews
  • SA 454 - Medical Continuing Disability reviews
  • SSA 827 - Signature page used to gather medical records from providers

Collect additional information

  • IEP from your school
  • IPE from DVR
  • IWP from your Employment Network
  • Supporting documents

Get others involved

  • DVR and other employment supports
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Family or friends

Contact your Social Security office to make sure your case is flagged for 301

What happens if you get approved for 301 Continued Payments?

If you get approved for 301 continued payments, your SSI or SSDI payment will continue until the end of your employment program.

Your eligibility for 301 can also end if you are not active and engaged with your plan. You are expected to report any changes in your engagement to Social Security right away. Work with your Social Security office and benefits specialist to learn more about working while getting Section 301 payments.