High Expectations of Parents Result in Child’s Future Success

hands reaching for the stars - high expectations

Did you know the most powerful force in predicting the future success of your child is decided by your expectations of them? It’s true. If you have high expectations for your child and talk about them, your child will be more likely to achieve them.

This is especially important if your child has a disability. Disability tends to occur outside of what is typical. Sometimes role models or similar peers may not be available. How can a youth know what it possible if examples don’t exist around them?

A Leap into the Unknown

That’s where parents and family members can be helpful in allowing and even encouraging youth to test their boundaries, take risks, try new things, and think big! As with most of us, we don’t know what we are capable of unless we try. Worried about how your child will deal with failure? Check our post on Dealing with Failure: A Crucial Step to Learning.

Setting the Bar High

There is a difference between expectations that are high and those that are rigid; remember to recognize your child’s strengths and successes. They may surprise you and you may have to adapt your thinking about what’s possible. Encourage them to further develop their strengths, learn new skills and look for opportunities for them to continue to grow.

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