Managing My Stress

Managing My Stress

Stress is no joke.

Many common health conditions, such as anxiety, pain, depressed mood, fatigue, stomach pain, sleep, and weight problems are made worse by stress.

Stress is normal!

However, when stress becomes chronic, it can affect our well-being. Researchers estimate that 70 to 80 percent of all disease and illness is stress related.

Stress can take on many forms!

Emotionally, stress can come from anxiety we feel when we can’t cope with life’s events.

Socially, stress can come from loneliness or conflict. Intellectually, stress may be boredom or confusion.

Physically, it is the body’s reaction to wear and tear.

Spiritually, stress can represent a lack of inner peace.

Would you like to find out how to manage and reduce your stress?

Complete the following activity to try different things to manage and reduce your stress. We hope these tips help you live a happy and healthier life.

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