Age 18

Age 18prepare for becoming an adult

Here are some things you can do at Age 18 to help you prepare for becoming an adult (Yeah!)

You don't have to do these in any particular order.

Just dive in and get started!

Get Started

You Should Celebrate! You are now age 18 and on your way to being an adult. You can now put your plans into action and get ready for the next steps in your life.

  • Sign medical permission forms.

    You finally turned 18 years old and are a “legal adult!” One major change at this time is that your teachers, therapists, nurses, and doctors can no longer share information with anybody, including your parents or guardians, without signed permission from you. So don’t be surprised if you are asked to sign a permission to release information form at your school and medical clinics.

  • Contact Social Security about your benefits.

    At age 18 your benefits through Social Security may change. Contact Social Security to determine if you qualify for supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medical Assistance (MA) or Ticket to Work.

  • Register to vote.

    You can Vote! Learn the process on how to register to vote, where to vote, and when elections are held. Become an active participate in our government!

  • Register for the draft. Required for all males.

    Young men are required to register with Selective Service (the draft) within 30 days of turning age 18. But, this does not mean that you are joining the military.

  • Education

    If you haven't already, apply to a college or training program. Take a tour where you'll attend and visit the Disability Services office. Ask questions, get comfortable with the environment, find out what to expect, and talk about your specific accommodations. It's important to understand how you learn best so you can be a self-advocate.

  • Review previous steps.

    Did you skip any steps from the last list? Go back and take a look. There’s still time to do them now.

One, Two, ThreeTopics to Explore

Career Planning

What do you want to be when you grow up? Now's the time to explore the possibilities!

Your First Job

Consider getting a summer job to start to learn more about what you are good at and earn a little money.

Get a Mentor

A mentor is someone you admire who can help you think about a job you may be interested in.

Whatever Works for YouThese are all ways to prepare for Age 18!