Age 18 Redetermination

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Age 18Redetermination

Youth eligible for Social Security SSI payments under the definition of disability for children must have their eligibility redetermined at age 18 as an adult. Social Security will send a written notice to the youth turning 18.

At Age 18, a young person must meet the definition of disability for adults.  How disability is defined is different for adults than children.  For adults, Social Security’s definition of disability is measured by ability to work.  To be eligible, you must be unable to work at a certain level due to medical impairment.  This impairment or disability must last, or can be expected to last, for at least 12 consecutive months or result in death.

Final Thoughts

No matter what is going on with the redetermination process, be sure you keep track of the mail you receive from Social Security.  They will expect you to respond, and if you do not, they can stop your benefits.

Remember, if you or your child need help with navigating some of the decisions, reviewing information received from Social Security, or understanding how working impacts benefits, contact a benefits specialist to answer your questions.