Work Reporting

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Work ReportingMy benefits

If you, your spouse, or child have SSI, report your work! Follow these 3 steps:

Step 1

Sign up for the Wage reporting reminder by email or text.

Step 2

Collect your paystubs and employer information before you call Social Security.

Step 3

Call your local office to report your employer information. Use the Office Locator to find your nearest office.

Some reporting options may include:


Mobile App



You should report by the 6th day of the following month to keep your records accurate. If you miss the deadline, you should still report. It’s better late than never!

How to keep track of your records:

  • Keep records of the dates you report
  • Keep letters from Social Security
  • Hold onto your paystubs for at least a year
  • Keep records of any communication you have with the Social Security office

Work Incentives and countable income deductions may apply. Contact a benefits specialist and Social Security to find out more.