5 Things You Need to Know about Social Security Medical Reviews

Social Security Medical Reviews5 Things You Need to Know

Disability means different things in different programs.  Social Security's definition changes as a youth transitions from childhood benefits to adulthood benefits.

  • Social Security Reviews Everybody!

    Social Security does medical reviews for all individuals on disability benefits including youth under age 18.

  • When Do Reviews Happen?

    If you receive disability benefits from Social Security, your medical condition will be reviewed from time-to-time to decide if you still have a disability. Reviews happen when your “medical diary date” is set. What’s this? A medical diary date, or medical review date, is scheduled based on your disability. During a medical review, Social Security wants to know if there has been any improvement with your disability.

  • Medical Cessation

    If Social Security finds that you do not have a disability anymore, it is called a “medical cessation”. There are a lot of things you need to know if this happens to you.

  • Appealing a Medical Cessation

    You have the right to appeal a medical cessation if you disagree.

    • An appeal means you disagree with Social Security’s decision and you want them to look at your case again. Use the medical cessation appeal form called Form SSA-3441 to start the appeal.
    • Be prepared to take action. There are deadlines! Some things cannot be done if outside of the timeframe Social Security sets, so it’s important to take action as soon as you get the notice. For example, you have 60 days to appeal a decision from Social Security.
    • There are other rules about whether you can have continued payments during the appeal process. This timeline is much shorter.

    • Continued benefits must be requested within 10 days!

  • Help is available

    Consider contacting a benefit specialist or contacting one of the resources below: